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Enrich with Open Data

Data sets can be mapped and enriched with data classifications from frameworks such as IATI, Utz First Mile, industry specific tools or widely used schema such as The classification tool will allow for classifying data to match with Sustainable Development Goal indicators or with custom farm specific indicator sets. Classified data allows for combining own datasets with third party datasets, for instance with Open Data or datasets from peer organisations. This can help to compare the performance of farms or agricultural projects with similar initiatives.

Validation and data classification are the building blocks of interconnectivity and interoperability. This tool allows data operators to further process and exchange their datasets in computer readable formats xml and Json:

  1. datasets and visualisations can be published in detail or in aggregated form in an open environment, making it accessible to the general public or for specific target groups (accountability, credibility, sector progress);
  2. datasets will be file downloadable in meta-data supported and computer readable formats (xml or json). Dataset can be further processed in owner’s environment and/or shared via E-mail or other channels with data-operators (interoperability);
  3. datasets can be published online in a secure environment, allowing the data-owner to share an url from which the set can be accessed/downloaded by authorized data-operators. GET-request options included allowing the data-client to pull in data by date or theme (interoperability).