What we do

We provide professionals with the tools they need to find, manage and share information.

  • Data quality

    Validation suggestions will based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and user- indicated field selections. Irregularities such as duplicates can be accepted/rejected and amended.

  • Data raccoon

    An online service platform turning unstructured data into structured meta-data enriched machine-readible formats.

  • Enrich with Open Data

    Data sets can be mapped and enriched with data classifications to allow for interconnectivity and interoperability.

  • Entity tagging

    Automatic entity tagging (persons, organisations, geolocations, themes) of digital content.

  • Farm Data Pods

    Farm Data Pods are decentralized datastores in which farmers and farmer organizations manage and visualize their own farm data. Data is owned by the farmer and can be provided to others at their request. Data is exchanged based on data reciprocity, with blockchain based techniques as carrier of reciprocity and data integrity.

  • Knowledge platforms

    Setup and structuring of knowledge and communication platforms.

  • News and documentation

    Our systems support you in building your own news and document collections: "Broadly sourced, narrowly broadcasted".

  • Visualisation & Dashboarding

    Patterns, trends and correlations that might go undetected in text-based data can be exposed and recognized easier with data visualization. Query your databases and visualise the results. Our tools provide a visual programming environment, in which knowledge dashboard are created without programming skills.

  • Web development

    Cooperative Knowledge considers co-creation with client and project teams as essential in developing systems. Information needs and information use cannot be designed behind a desk and up-front.

Why choose us


Cooperative Knowledge creates environments allowing users to find, analyse and distribute ideas, content and contacts. Issues that users wish to solve determine setup and graphic design of the portals we develop.

Development Principles

We follow the Principles for Digital Development, a set of nine guidelines for integrating best practices into technology-enabled development programs for international development and cooperation (read more ...)